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Recruitment target:  Warehouse statistician
   Work Address:Wenzhou, Zhejiang  Validity:2 months
 Job Type:Not limited  Sex:女
 Birthplace:Not limited  Work experience:More than one year
 Age:22 years of age to 35 years of age  Number demand:1人
 Salary:Negotiable  Other treatment:Negotiable
 Job Requirements:
1. Responsible rough, round warehouse "Delivery" and "Receipt" raw data entry work; 2. Responsible rough, round warehouse "Delivery" and "Receipt" original certificate of finishing, archiving, for review purposes; 3. Responsible for the preparation of the library each month on the 25th of this month, warehousing monthly report. 4. responsible for the daily work of incoming rebellion 5. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors
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